Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Taken some time out to reflect on this blog.........

as i have not been happy with the overall make up of it for some time, and i also find the updating of it a chore at times............ it was different previously when i was punting/trading full time the blog acted as a decent extra buffer of discipline and i had plenty of time on my hands to update on a regular basis but thesedays with a full time job that takes up a considerable chunk of my time the last thing i want to do is log on to a lap top when i get home to update my daily p/l and record the days events..........

But the biggest downside to my blog this time is the non reporting or disclosure of my betting in respect of what i regard as the premier advisory service that is around namely ............ Mark Holder. I contacted all my services at the start of the year and mentioned to them that i was going to re start my blogging, at the time MH had recently gone private with no new members being taken on and no advertising in the sporting press, this decision has been vindicated as the results since "going underground" have been the best i have known in my 12 year subscription to the service, and they had been pretty decent anyway with a profit recorded every single year i have been a member.
Mark asked me not to mention the bets or service at all in my blog, there was no heavy handiness or threats just a polite request........... unlike had been the case with a another service in the early days of the £30k challenge !!! I was disappointed but i respected his request and his reasoning made sense so i have not reported his bets or comments from the daily messages. This has obviously distorted my figures as my profits from the service have been subtancial (in relative terms !!, im not typing this in my second home in Bermuda.......).
But lets take a recent race we played in;

Two selections;

I play to £100/pt the lay on HORSE B should have been £75 fortunately at the time, my balance on Betfair accomodated precisely a £65 lay so i felt that was near enough and did not bother deposting a small balance to take it up to the £75 mark.

HORSE A £42 ew @ 17/2 LOST -£84
£65 ew @ 13/2 LOST -£130
LAYED £32 @ 6.69 WON +£32

HORSE B £55 ew @ 17/2(BOG) WON +£561
£45 ew @ 17/2(BOG) WON +£459
LAYED £65 @ 6.88 LOST -£382.20

Overall profit on race £455.80

This was not reported by me, yes i could mask it under a fictitious bet elsewhere but whats the point ?? The only surprising thing is that its taken me this long to come to the conclusion that enough is enough and to concentrate on my punting,work and other leisure activities and curtail the blog.

So thanks for the enquiries especially over the last couple of days, and be lucky !!!

On the day i decide to pull the curtain down on this.............. Optimum advise 2pts ew on Rosewin 3.00 Beverley a 5/1 winner hopefully the fightback has begun !!!

Friday, 5 June 2009

what was i saying about Essex ...........

lol well n truly put the kibosh on them !!! got hammered last couple of nights especially at the hands of Hampshire last night. Differing fortunes at Sandown last night but at the end of the night came out with a profit, Optimum continue to struggle whilst the selective ew approach continues to reap dividends.



7.15 Sandown BEAUTIFUL BREEZE £50 ew @ 10/1 lost -£100


8.25 Sandown SENSES £50 ew @ 7/2 WON +£210

Monday, 1 June 2009

Essex a one day side to stay on the right side off ......

even without 4 of their top players, and i learnt this to my cost tonight. Essex are my side i watched them win at Hove last week and will be watching the return match at Chelmsford on Wednesday, but today i thought they were worth opposing especially at Evens against a Kent side that had won 3/4 matches with one n/r but the squad players aswell as Alastair Cook, Danish Kaniera and Grant Flower really played well tonight and easily accounted for Kent. I had an Even £50 myself and then Optimum Sport put them up so i pressed up .............. to my cost.
As with Saturday i reduced my losses as i thought it was worth supporting South Africa @ 4/6 against a ring rusty Pakistan in the 20/20 warm up match , and this they did with ease.



KENT £100 to beat Essex £100 @ Evens Lost -£100


KENT £50 to beat Essex @ Evens Lost -£50

SOUTH AFRICA to beat PAKISTAN £120 @ 4/6 WON +£80

Another disappointing day..........

i have been accused recently of bias towards Optimum and there is no mistaking the account bets from the service has been very poor of late ......... again today out of the frame, but it is a very fine line when choosing the account bets and the ancilliary info today was very good, did i make money out of it ??? No i did not, on a day like today all i wanted to do was stay in the garden and potter about, thesedays im not one of those people that will stay glued to the laptop and tv i had more interest sadly some may say in making up my hanging baskets !! The winter is when i will stay in and trade but during the summer there is only one place i wanna be and thats outside. I came in to watch the 3.25 race and the goals from the Cup Final, thankfully the Chelsea winner clawed back the majority of my losses.


3.25 Gooodwood UNNEFER £50 ew @ 4/1 Unpld -£100


CHELSEA to beat Everton 90mins £100 @ 3/4 WON +£75

Saturday, 30 May 2009

no oddschecker or laptop ............

since wednesday had a few days away with the Mrs down in sunny Brighton....... well Thursday & Friday were, Wednesday at the races was more like a cold November and although no doubting the enjoyment was taken away from theday we still had fun, and theMrs wants to return on a better day weatherwise so no complaints here !!

Anyway back today and hopefully some good news on the betting front !!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Good runs continues............

on the sport courtesy of OPTIMUM SPORT advising the clarets of Burnley in the Championship play off final, not a great lover of BH racing (as well as Sundays !!) so pleased ntg was advised so took advantage of the sun to watch Middlesex @ Lords, who were comprehensively stuffed by Surrey but a decent day out .



BURNLEY to be promoted £80 @ Evs WON +£80

BURNLEY to win in 90mins WON £40 @ 15/8 +£75

Monday, 25 May 2009

Not a great fan .........

of getting involved on a Sunday but two winning bets and a profit of £275 makes up for any inconvenience !!! Racing is a 7 days/week business and i suppose i should embrace Sundays a bit more especially as i do work Sundays a fair amount of time, but when im not working im usually out visiting family and friends i dont like to interrupt my day by trying to get on, it was a continual moan of mine with Isiris having call backs on a Sunday afternoon certainly did not go down well as i often was on the receiving end of derogatory comments saying the only phone call i needed to make was to gamblers anonymous .............



2.10 Uttox EDGEFOUR £50 ew @ 11/4 WON +£165


Aston Villa £80 @ 11/8 to bt Newcastle WON +£110